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Latest news following local lock down restrictions July 31st:

Due to the latest covid announcment for Bradord we have made the following decision.

The Church will still be open on Sunday BUT we are advising people to stay at home and watch the live stream.

You will not be turned away if you arrive but strict measures have been put inplace and these must be adherred to.
We are not currently posting the attendance form. This will be taken on entry

Pleae read the instuction below.
Thank you and God bless

July 31st 2020: When arriving at Gateway:

Please follow and observe all signs and steward instruction.
Please observe social distancing when arriving in the car park: if space available please leave an empty bay between yourself and the nearest vehicle.

Your temperature will be taken at the door before admission into the building.
You must wear a face covering  at all times once you have entered the building. The face covering can be handmade and does not have to be a purchased face mask. 

Please be aware: You may have to queue outside, so  in adverse weather please wait in your vehicle  until an opportunity arrives to enter the building. 

If you are attending with children you must keep them with you at all times. (Unfortunately at the present time, no child specific activities are available.)

Please follow the stewards instruction regarding hand sanitisation and maintain social distance when doing so.

A one way system along the main corridor and minor hall is in operation throughout the service.

The toilets are located at the top of the corridor. We would ask that you try not to use them during the service.  Only one person at a time is allowed in the toilet, even when there are two cubicles.Please observe cleaning procedures and clean the toilet prior to  leaving and re-sanitise hands on exit. 

For seating:

Please observe the waiting sign whilst any extra chairs are placed. Only proceed to your seats when instructed, Always occupy the front most seats first You can only use your seat throughout the service and for refreshments etc.
Instruction will be given regarding communion during the service.

Offering: If possible please pay through SO or through the advertised giving apps.
A collection basket will be placed on the communion tables should they be needed.

Refreshments: Instruction will be given during the service.


Upon leaving:
Please observe social distancing rules upon exiting the building.
Thank you for your cooperation.    
 The Leaders at Gateway Elim.

 Can I come to church?


From the Pastor


I just want to address the big question regarding the opening of the church.


Over the past few weeks, many things have been put in place in accordance with current covid 19 guidelines.

It is hoped that the church building will be open soon. 


The limiting factor which is preventing the opening of the church is the restrictions regarding worship.

At the moment, the rule states:

  • People should avoid singing, shouting, raising voices and/or playing music at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult or that may encourage shouting. This is because of the potential for increased risk of transmission from aerosol and droplets.

What is meant by, “Should avoid”? Well, the advice here is: 

Where the guidance states that an activity should not take place this is not a legal requirement under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020. However, it is strongly advised that consideration is given to following the advice being given to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.


In addition to the above, further guidance is given on what types of instruments are allowed and there are also some recommendations regarding the playing of recorded worship.


We can see there is some flexibility in the guidance. However, the advice from Elim is that we follow this guidance.
Therefore, along with many other Elim churches, at this time we have decided to remain as we are, in the hope that there will be further change to the guidance in the near future.


We will continue to live stream our service including the worship in the hope that you will continue to join us and to worship freely in your homes.


What about the prayer meeting and the Bible study?  We could bring both these meetings back to church because they could potentially take place without any open worship time. However, it does seem prudent to continue to meet online at the present time.


Let me add that there are other issues regarding children’s activities and creche which equally impact on the level of service. However, guidance on these is rapidly changing and our problem will be staffing and other practical needs which we need to address.


We will be streaming the service from Gateway from August the 2nd.

The restrictions on the number of people attending weddings and other formal events do not apply to ordinary Church services. More than 30 people are allowed in the building, but the limit to the number of people attending a church service is the maximum number of people that the main hall can accommodate with safe ‘social distancing.’


Elim is asking us to ask all those coming to a service to wear a face covering:


‘The NLT advise that face masks or coverings should be worn by all congregants in England, except in cases where its use could exacerbate an individual’s health condition, such as those with respiratory conditions.


The wearing of face coverings is not a requirement for attending children of school age or under 11.’


This allow us to use the1 metre plus rule for seating etc, as has been used by some churches over the weekend.


In turn this would allow us to offer a different type of service. The possibilities are:

: A devotional type service: with readings a message a time of devotional prayer and teaching.

: A Youth / young persons devotional time.

: Any form of worship service that allows an element of free spoken expression with worship  video and Cd’s etc.


This is where you now come in. Taking into consideration the current Covid 19 guidance, and using the 1m rule with face coverings we are able to accomadte 50 people in the church

We need as many people as possible to pray into and seek God at this time. This is an opportunity to ‘Be church but not as we know it’.


On the web site you will find a response sheet to the above questions, an attendance request form with further information


God Bless and hope to see you soon 



Hello everyone,

Well we were able to live stream our first service on Face book this weekend, a big thank you to all that have joined in.

Our order of meetings is now as follows:


Every Sunday at 10:30am on the Gateway FACEBOOK page our service live stream. A shorter version of this stream will then be available on Youtube sometime Sunday afternoon.

Good Friday at 10:30 am also Live on Facebook and then later on youtube


Every Tuesday from 7:30 pm we will be video calling our prayer meeting on Zoom app

The join service link will be sent later. Please install Zoom or the Zoom app from zoom.us or your app store.

Every Wednesday From 7:30 pm we will be video calling our Bible study on Zoom 

Again a service link will be sent.

During zoom call please could you mute your mike until you are about to talk.

This information will be on our web site, please always refer to the website for any news or recent changes.

Also there you will find our resources page for the latest you tube video and messages.

And hopefully soon a blog style page for any prayer requests or other news you wish to share.

Please everyone stay safe and God Bless you all.


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